Bahrain Sports TV

Norlin Art & Production Studios successfully accomplished “Bahrain Sports TV” New Broadcast Channel Identity project, which was a Full Package Design including; Channel Logo Development and Branding, TV Spots , Channel Logo Reveals, Now, Next and Soon Screens, Promo Endings for TV shows and programs, Schedule showing from 2 to 7 events, Sports VS Promos for 2 team players, Transitions, Lower Thirds, Prayer Times Lower Thirds, and Looping Backgrounds.


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Bahrain TV

A Channel Identity plays a major role in TV channels success. Another full-package broadcast channel identity for “Bahrain official TV” that meets again our client expectation and satisfaction for building a high-quality stylish and clear  design that touches Bahraini culture. The project included (but not limited to); General Style and Color schemes development, Main TV Spot, Channel Logo Reveals, Now, Next and Soon Screens, Promo Ending for TV programs and series, Schedule showing from 2 to 7 events, Transitions, Lower Thirds, etc…


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Sky of Alexandria Film

“Sky of Alexandria” is the first Planetarium Film produced in the Middle East in 2007 by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology for Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Mr. Zeyad Salah -founder and CEO of Norlin art & production studios- was the Creative & VFX Director responsible for 60% of the film scenes including; advanced 3D CG techniques, Chroma Shooting and keying, scene design and storyboard. He accomplished with his team 3D Scenes Building, Animation, Rendering, Compositing, and Post-production work. The film was technically different as it plays from 3 separate projectors to show one frame, the film picture was also distorted to look flat when projected on the sphere screen.


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“Tam” TV Program Season II

“Made with Extra Love”, love of humanity and helping people was our motivation spirit while working in Ramadan TV Program episodes “Tam”. That program has achieved a wide spread in its first Season due to its emotional interactions, Therefore improving its second season was our pleasure through creating a new Broadcast Full Package Identity. The package included; Logo Development, Full Graphics Intro/ Opener, Logo Reveal Animations, Looping Background, Transition, Lower Third, and Ending Logo Animation.


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Bahrain TV News

Another extension to the bridges of successful cooperation between Norlin Art & Production Studios and The Ministry of Information Affairs in Bahrain, and after intensive study of the News Department requirements, we delivered the Broadcast News Identity Graphics and set up their new standard color schemes for each News type; official , business and sports news. The Design was for both Arabic and English News, the project covered (but not limited to): News Openers in 3 color schemes for each news type, News Studio background elements, News Lower Third for the 3 color schemes, etc…


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Campaign Starring “Mona Zaki”

“Springs of Life” is a Blood Donation Campaign by The Egyptian Red Crescent under the patronage of Egypt’s First Lady in year 2009.
Mr. Zeyad Salah -the founder of Norlin Studios- was the Creative Director and one of the event’s managers of this campaign, The Logo design for the campaign, the branding, the marketing, and the advertising materials were all our responsibilities including; creative graphics and printed materials, starring famous figures, creating presentation videos for events, encouraging blood donation volunteers through promotional gifts like T-shirts, caps, badges, tags, posters and stickers.

Luxury Annual Report Magazine

Being a great institution makes publishing an annual report about the institution achievements and news a necessary. Therefore “King Abdul Aziz Port” in Dammam, Saudi Arabia has assigned this mission to the Creative Director Zeyad Salah. “The Luxury Annual Report Magazine Publication of the year 2012” was our pride project and we were responsible for the following project aspects; Concept, Overall Look, Cover Design with Lamination & Emboss, Page Style including Titles & Typography, Creative Art, Advertisements, Quality Control, Sponsors and Client Communications, etc…


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Pro Audio for TV

By the leadership of our Pro Audio Engineer Mr. Mohamed Al-Thawadi, we proudly produced all the final sound tracks for 5 of the greatest TV episodes in the Gulf Area; starring Souad Abdullah, Huda Hussain, and Others. The work included; sound design, music composing, arranging, life recording, sound effects, mixing, mastering, etc…

1. كان فى كل زمان


2. حياة ثانية


3. المسافات


4. ساق البامبو


5. أمنا رويحة الجنة


6. حنين السهارى


Interior & Exterior Design

We accomplished various Interior & Exterior design projects including; Conceptual Architectural Design (Forms & Planning),  Interior Design & Decoration, Lighting for Interiors and Exterior Elevations, Architectural Visualization 2D/ 3D and Walking through, Low-poly Modeling and Texturing for Real-Time 3D VR. Whether these projects are for private or official building functionality, we concern about the cultural factors and environmental harmony, plus applying standard design theories and studies of shapes and colors. Our main priority is to bring out a realistic and useful design which fulfills the client’s needs and respects his project budget.

Old is Gold

“Old is Gold” and we believe “Present is Diamond” as well, but “Everyone has a Starting Point”. Therefore, we are pleased to share some excerpts from our old work archive started between the late 90s and the early second millennium up to ten years ago. During those years, we gained a lot of experience and practical knowledge about art work, audience and client satisfaction. We have produced various contents in the field; from TV commercials to music video-clips, and Broadcast TV motion graphics as well as visual effects for short films and 3D animation, plus other creative experiments.


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